Miami Houseboat Rental Best Companies & What You Need To Know

Miami Houseboat Rental: Best Companies & What You Need To Know

Houseboats are one of the biggest rising trends in alternative living at the moment. The chance to live on the water is attractive for many reasons, whether you want to be close to nature, have some much-needed privacy, or simply want to try something new.

And while buying a houseboat to live in full-time can be a massive commitment, renting one for a temporary stay can be a great experience. Miami, being a coastal city, is the perfect place to try out these floating houses. If you’re interested in renting a houseboat to stay in, then there are plenty of options available to you.

But with so many rental companies to choose from, how do you find one that is trustworthy and will deliver a good experience? Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you. This handy guide will take you through the best companies for renting a houseboat in Miami, as well as covering some important information you should know before you rent.

Miami Houseboat Rental Best Companies & What You Need To Know
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What Is A Houseboat?

Before we take a look at houseboat rental companies, you should know what a houseboat is. Houseboats are exactly what their name suggests – a boat that has been converted into a living space.

Houseboats come in various sizes and styles, although most will be a 1-2 story home that will accommodate between 5-10 people. While some rentable houseboats are unable to move from where they are moored, one of the selling points of many houseboats is the ability to up and move wherever and whenever you want.

Just make sure you’re staying in line with the conditions agreed upon by the company you’re renting from. Renting a houseboat is a great way to get away from the stress of city life and to get more freedom from your living space.

Whether you’re looking for a new vacation experience, trying to find a short-term space to live, or just want to try out a houseboat before buying your own, renting a houseboat is a great way to introduce yourself to alternative living.

The Best Houseboat Rental Companies In Miami

As mentioned earlier, Miami’s proximity to the coast makes it a great location for renting a houseboat. As the trend has gotten bigger in recent years, more and more companies are offering houseboat rentals for both short- and long-term stays.

Here are a few of the best companies to go with when renting out a houseboat.

Booka Houseboat

This houseboat rental company is based in Sandford, but their rental houseboats are available throughout Miami. With rental prices starting from $150 per night for a houseboat that fits 4, Booka Houseboat offers some of the best deals for short-term stays.

While it isn’t the best value for long-term rentals, if you’re only looking to stay for a few nights then this is a great choice for you.


Flipkey has an assortment of houseboats to rent throughout the Miami area, with a range of different sizes to choose from.

Not only can you rent the houseboats as accommodation, but you can also use them to travel around some of the most gorgeous locations that the Sunshine State has to offer.


If you want something a little more luxurious, then GetMyBoat has got you covered. With a range of some of the most extravagant houseboats out there, GetMyBoat is the perfect choice for anyone looking to splash out on their houseboat experience.

The houseboats aren’t just extravagant – they are also available from some great locations near to quality restaurants and attractions if you don’t want to spend your whole time on the water. GetMyBoat also has stellar reviews, just in case you have any reservations about your houseboat rental.


Orbitz is a vacation accommodation rental company. They cover various other types of accommodation like hotels and villas, but the houseboats you can rent through them are top of the line. These luxury houseboats have it all, from jet skis to pools to minibars.

It may sound like a dream come true, but the beaming reviews speak for themselves. And with great locations from Miami Beach to The Keys, you’re spoilt for choice. If you’re looking for a premium experience and don’t mind spending a bit more for it, then consider renting one of the quality houseboats available on Orbitz.



Like Orbitz, airbnb isn’t just limited to houseboat rentals. However, they offer some of the best deals for short stays with well-regulated hosts.

The houseboats available through airbnb aren’t really suitable for long-term stays (like most airbnb properties), but they are perfect if you’re looking for a houseboat that you can stay in for a few days.

Instead of splurging on a luxury houseboat with all the features you could ask for, airbnb houseboats are usually just meant to keep you comfortable and safe without taking away from the houseboat experience.

With rental houseboats available throughout the Miami coastline, why settle for a hotel?

Things To Know Before Renting A Houseboat

While living on the water is a fun and exciting experience, there are a few things you need to think about before you rent a houseboat. While these aren’t necessarily dealbreakers, you are still better off knowing about these beforehand.

One of the biggest drawbacks to living in a houseboat is the temperature. The temperature of the water is almost always going to be much lower than the air outside, and it can be difficult to insulate and heat up a boathouse properly.

As a result, boathouses tend to be a lot colder than regular accommodation. If you’re considering renting a boathouse, make sure you bring plenty of warm bedding and clothes to stave off the chill. Many houseboats have heating systems built in, so try to avoid ones that aren’t advertised as being heated.

Houseboats also accumulate damp easily. While this might seem obvious (they are in water, after all), you should make sure you factor the age and insulation of a houseboat before renting to avoid living in the cold and damp.

A properly maintained houseboat will avoid these issues, so you’re better off paying a little more for a good quality houseboat.

Space can also be an issue. Houseboats are much smaller than other forms of accommodation, and living with other people can make things quite cramped. Most houseboats are able to accommodate around 10 people depending on their size, but you might still have issues with lack of space.

The bathroom in particular can be a sticking point – not only will a houseboat’s bathroom be pretty small, but you’re also probably only going to have one between all of you.

The Best Things About Living In A Houseboat

Living in a houseboat isn’t all negative, however, and many of the issues houseboat owners face won’t apply if you’re only renting. For temporary stays, there is a lot to love about these floating homes.

One of the best things about houseboats is their proximity to nature. Waking up on the water is a great way to start the day, especially if you’re away from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

Houseboats are very peaceful, and the privacy they give is a welcome change (particularly when compared to busy Miami). And because of how close you are to the city, you don’t need to worry about spotty cell phone service while you’re inside the boat.

There’s also much more freedom with a houseboat. The ability to move whenever you want is nice enough on its own, but staying in a houseboat also removes you from the stress and responsibilities of the mainland.

As long as you aren’t breaking the law or being irresponsible during your stay, you don’t need to worry about any interference from other people. This peace goes a long way – you might not think it possible, but the combination of some peace and quiet with the gentle sway of the water can give you some of the best sleep you’ve ever had.

Houseboats are also much cheaper than renting a house or flat. Maintaining and living in a houseboat comes with lower costs than normal rental properties, so you’ll be sure to make a massive saving if you’re staying in one for a longer period of time.

While fuel can be expensive if you’re moving around a lot, chances are you still won’t rack up anywhere near the normal utility bills. As a result, renting a houseboat works out super cheap when compared to renting a house (or even staying in a hotel).

Final Thoughts

So now you know a bit more about what houseboats are, and the best Miami-based companies to rent a houseboat from. As long as you do your research and make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, you’re guaranteed to have a great experience living in a houseboat.

Who knows? After trying one out, you may end up getting your own! Now all that’s left to do is get out there and onto the water. Enjoy!

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